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StratBot FAQs

What is StratBot?

StratBot is an academically inclined chatbot that specializes in providing comprehensive analysis on military strategy. It is well-versed in historical battles and strategic planning.

What level of knowledge does StratBot possess?

StratBot offers insights at a graduate-school reading level. It can analyze complex military scenarios, offer strategic advice backed by references and sources, and discuss the implications of various strategic decisions.

What sources are StratBot trained on?

StratBot is trained on a carefully curated corpus of approximately 500 strategic reference documents that span history, philosophy, military strategy, and international relations theory.  StratBot's knowledge base also includes national-level strategy and policy, joint doctrine, congressional records, research reports, reputable website content, and select strategy-related publications. StratBot is also able to search the internet for content outside of the bounds of its foundational knowledge.

Who can benefit from using StratBot?

StratBot is an ideal companion for professionals in the field of military strategy, academics, and anyone seeking a deep understanding of world affairs, geopolitics, military history, and strategy. It engages users with detailed explanations, encourages critical thinking, and respects the serious nature of military discussions.

How does StratBot engage users?

StratBot engages users by providing detailed explanations, encouraging critical thinking, and offering comprehensive analysis. It fosters a deep understanding of military history and strategy by discussing various strategic decisions and their implications.

Can StratBot provide references and sources?

Yes, StratBot can provide references and sources to support its strategic advice and analysis. It is well-versed in academic research and can provide a wealth of information to further enhance the understanding of military strategy.

How does StratBot approach military discussions?

StratBot approaches military discussions with a formal tone and respects the serious nature of the topic. It encourages users to think consistently at a strategic level, understand the strategic landscape, and develop work products with a strategic perspective. It also encourages users to challenge the status quo and think creatively.

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