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SOF Week 2024: Ten Innovative Companies to Watch 

At SOF Week 2024, over 500 companies showcased their innovative technologies and solutions that are transforming the field of special operations.  As an annual event, SOF Week serves as a platform for the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community to come together and collaborate. It supplies an opportunity for professionals in the field, policymakers, and other stakeholders to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and explore innovative technologies and ideas.  


Of the hundreds or companies that took part, we selected ten that stood out from the crowd based on their potential to deliver game-changing capabilities to the SOF enterprise. For 2024, the ten companies to watch are as follows: 

  • Anduril: Anduril’s AI and autonomous systems are crucial for SOF as they provide advanced situational awareness and operational effectiveness. Their technology supports counter-unmanned systems efforts, delivering transformative technology to address rapidly evolving unmanned threats.

  • Boeing: Boeing’s experience in aerospace and defense brings advanced technologies and platforms that support a wide range of SOF missions. Their work includes aircraft, vehicle, and equipment maintenance, and critical infrastructure support, which are essential for SOF readiness.

  • Boston Dynamics: Boston Dynamics’ robotics technology is vital for SOF as their robots, like Spot and Atlas, can navigate challenging terrains for reconnaissance and logistics support, enhancing the mobility and adaptability of SOF in various environments.

  • Lockheed Martin: Lockheed Martin provides high-tech solutions that are instrumental for SOF, including logistics support services and maintenance of special operations aircraft, ground vehicles, weaponry, and electronics equipment, ensuring mission readiness.

  • QinetiQ US: QinetiQ US offers defense and security technology that enhances SOF capabilities, especially in robotics and unmanned systems. Their solutions support the U.S. Army’s modernization efforts to address near-peer adversaries.

  • Jacobs: Jacobs provides a range of services and solutions in aerospace and technology that support the strategic and operational excellence of SOF missions, including IT service management processes and performance enhancement.

  • Palantir Technologies: Palantir’s big data analytics software enables SOF to integrate, manage, and analyze vast amounts of information for intelligence and operational planning, providing a competitive advantage in various phases of competition.

  • Sierra Nevada Corporation: Sierra Nevada Corporation’s electronic warfare and aircraft modification capabilities deliver solutions that enhance the operational readiness and effectiveness of SOF, ensuring warfighters have the advantage in conflict situations.

  • Shield AI: Shield AI develops AI-driven autonomous systems, including drones that can operate in contested environments without GPS or communications, providing critical intelligence and support to SOF in conflict areas.

  • Skydio: Skydio specializes in autonomous drones that offer advanced UAVs for situational awareness and operational safety, allowing SOF to gain a common operating picture for enhanced decision-making in complex environments.

There were many, many innovative companies present at SOF week, but it was impossible to list them all here. Overall, there were many companies that showed exceptional capabilities in driving innovation, both in terms of their products and the value they deliver. Their commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and their ability to create innovation and set them apart as leaders in their respective industries.  Stay tuned over the coming months as we continue to dive deeper into technology and explore its implications for military strategy and special operations. 



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